5 Reasons to Visit Ireland

Ireland is one of the most traveled destinations in the world. It has much to offer the tourist. When most people think of Ireland, they envision green fields with a lot of vegetation and towns forever linked to a mystical past. People who think this way are not too far off from the truth. Here, we will discuss 5 main reasons why you should travel to Ireland this year.

dublin1. The Historic City of Dublin

When you get to Ireland, you won’t run out of things to do! Some of the more popular attractions are found in the well-known city of Dublin. Visitors can fly directly into the city by arriving through Dublin Airport which is located just outside of the city limits.

Once inside Dublin, you can take advantage of all its history. As the largest city in the Republic, there is a little something for everyone here. Most people head to Phoenix Park, which is one of the globe’s largest city parks. Another popular attraction is Dublin Castle which once served as the headquarters for the British government in the country. The castle features beautiful Gregorian courtyards and the landmark Bedford Tower. If you take a tour of this destination you will learn a lot about Irish history.

Depending on when you go, you may be able to attend the Bloomsday Festival which celebrates one of Ireland’s most famous authors: James Joyce. This festival usually occurs mid-June and includes a re-enactment of scenes from the book Ulysses. Literary fans will be sure to have this on their list of things to do!

2. Fota Wildlife Park

This popular wildlife park is located in the County Cork area. Here, you will find numerous mammal species (estimated to be about 30) and even more types of native birds. What makes this place so unique is that some of the animals are walking around in the same areas as visitors. It really gives you a sense of being out in the wild. One of the coolest attractions at Fota Wildlife Park it the Cheetah run. It is like a zip line where food is attached to force the Cheetahs to run for their food. This is not intended to be cruel, rather it is necessary to ensure that the animals maintain their health. Yet, it is just one of the attractions that make Fota a popular place for tourists and students alike.

3. The City of Limerick

The word “limerick” alone is synonymous with Ireland. The city with the same name is a popular destination for travelers traversing Ireland’s western coast. Some great places to visit here include the Hunt Museum, King John’s Castle and St. John’s Cathedral. Archaeology enthusiasts will like Lough Gur which is an ancient dig site that dates back several thousand years BC. Limerick is a great place to go if you don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of Dublin.

4. The St. Patrick’s Festival

St. Patrick’s Day is a popular festival in other countries such as the United States. Imagine experiencing this special day in the place it all started. If you happen to travel to Ireland during March, chances are you will be able to visit a true St. Patrick’s Day celebration. The central city of Dublin hosts the largest parade and celebration which includes numerous festive events. Being in Ireland on March 17th is perhaps one of the most fun ways to experience Irish culture.

5. Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

If you are a lonely heart traveling alone, Ireland has something special for you. The Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival is a huge matchmaking event where singles come together to try their hand at romance. It is said that tens of thousands attend the event. If you are in the mood for travel and love, you might want to head to Ireland during September to see if you can find your other half!
In Summary

Ireland is not just about drinking alcohol and clubbing. There are many historical and cultural sites that will make your trip both educational and memorable. It also has a great mix of city based destinations and relaxing countryside venues. Ireland remains one of the most popular places for travel in Europe. Head there for your next trip to learn for yourself why it tops the list for international travel.

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Legal Considerations When Traveling in a Foreign Country

business_travelerOn a yearly basis, several thousand American citizens are detained or arrested in foreign destinations. For those that end up in these unfortunate circumstances, it is often hard to figure out where to turn for help. Some people purchase insurance when traveling which also includes the ability to consult a lawyer in a foreign country. The ability to do so is very important since an American lawyer will not be able to help you much.

Many times travelers are arrested for offenses that are not considered criminal offenses in their home country. Therefore, their main problem is one of ignorance rather than a true intent to engage in criminal activity. It can something as simple as skiing in a prohibited area. Crimes such as this actually have very serious repercussions and can result in an unreasonable amount of jail time. Many foreign offense are not able to be resolved merely by paying a fine. Furthermore, as a traveler, or temporary immigrant, you face unique challenges in defending yourself against a crime.

Most people that get into trouble abroad are from the younger generation. Many college age kids go abroad to have a good time. Sometimes, their definition of fun is not necessarily allowable under foreign law. For example, in some countries it is very easy to get arrested for disorderly conduct. Actions such as yelling or horse-playing are not accepted in certain places. When such an event is witnessed, locals are very quick to call the police. This type of offense is not something that can be resolved with a release on one’s own recognizance in many jurisdictions. Rather, it will require a long period of detainment and a judicial proceeding to resolve.

Other crimes that may affect adult travelers include offenses such as soliciting prostitution or harassing members of the opposite sex. Different cultures have differing views on these subjects. Things that might seem within the range of normal conduct in the Western world are often not viewed as such in other places. Destinations such as the Middle East and Asia have strict laws which protect women and regulate the way men may interact with them. A good rule of thumb to use when traveling is to remember that as you get further away from the U.S., it is more likely that the cultural and social standards are that much different from Western values. Keeping this in mind will help you keep your conduct in check.

Most travel and legal experts agree that it is best to remain conservative in your actions while abroad. A criminal defense attorney located in Sacramento advised that it is best to act as a guest in someone’s home. Essentially, his advice is to not do anything that you wouldn’t do while back at home. Also, assuming you are a person that likes to take risks at home, you might want to change your personality for a short time while abroad. Getting locked up in a foreign prison is not advisable. Most prisons in foreign countries are dangerous and have very harsh living standards. Foreigners in these prisons are also treated very poorly and are targets for violence.

Most Americans make the mistake of believing they have the same constitutional protections abroad which are guaranteed to them at home. This could not be farther from the truth. When you are in a foreign jurisdiction, you submit to the laws of that country. Even members a U.S. Consulate abroad cannot do much for you while you are involved in a foreign court system. Don’t expect a consulate officer to come to you rescue and help you get back home!

In the best scenario, the greatest thing a consular officer can do for you is provide you with information. They may be able to visit you in jail to explain what they know about the legal system in that country. They may also be able to refer you to a local lawyer who can help, assuming of course that you can pay for the representation. Due to this, you should always travel with a back up plan in mind and make sure that you have sufficient funds to cover any legal or medical problems you might encounter.

In conclusion, travelers must remember to be careful in a foreign land. Familiarizing yourself with the local laws and customs is probably your best bet. When faced with an unfamiliar situation, remember to take a conservative approach to the problem. Try to stay safe and stay out of trouble!

About PalmGrove Vacation Rentals

castle1Palmgrove Vacation Rentals site brings to the table are your most solid option for adhering to your financial plan in a city where the U.S dollar is no more lord among coinage.

Palmgrove is an interesting Irish city. Since the fall of the tourism industry, the city has been a popular spot for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It is perceived as a standout amongst the most intriguing areas in Europe, maybe even the world. Furthermore, is not just an image of the Irish countryside, it is likewise a mecca for nightowls and a blend of classic building design, society, and tradition.

Along these lines, when in a city as profoundly settled in history as Berlin, extend the estimation of your dollar by staying in a loft rather than a lodging. Discovering a loft is not an issue. The pads Berlin offers range from the bargain basement to the sensibly valued.

Among the sorts of pads Palmgrove promotions usually publicizes is the Palmgrove House. Sites like Palmgrove Farmhouse stand for excellence. In this type of location, a gathering of vacation rentals offer one loft, which accompanies a kitchen, a lavatory, and periodically, a family room. Inside of the farmhouse and similar rentals, every flatmate gets a room. Just the kitchen and the restroom are shared.

Palmgrove housing guests could choose from an extensive collection of one-room studios to the more expound and expensive lofts. There are two essential things to pay consideration on when searching for a loft. Regularly, sightseers are confounded by the type of listing, “One Room.” Single room offerings, Irish style, comprise of one room in addition to a kitchen and a restroom. The large majority of Ameicans believe “One Room” means one room and a parlor. As clarified prior, such is not the situation.

The second thing you need to recollect is that a large part of the houses Palmgrove Vacation Rentals landowners offer come empty. This could represent a major issue for individuals who choose to stay in the city during an impromptu visit, or are staying for a brief span. In the event that both of the two is valid for you, then the best plan of action open to you is to book through a travel office or an internet site. You’ll need to shell out more bucks, normally, yet you will have the chance to find completely outfitted pads. Another option is to search for a spot to room-sit. There are numerous Irish vacation rentals that understudies (university students) leave vacant on the grounds that they need to go home or travel some place. You can discover numerous pads like these. You should simply search for local classified ads for areas stamped “vacation housing.” Or, you could visit sites like Craigslist and look at their postings.

The costs of Palmgrove vacation rentals depend on a lot of factors. A room inside of a vacation home or bed & breakfast situated in focal Berlin can get some place somewhere around 150 and 250 Euros a week. A full level, or flat, will cost you somewhere around 300 and 400 Euros a month. In most situations, it’s conceivable that your proprietor may accommodate you by bringing down the rent. In any case, you ought to precisely note what you are wheeling and dealing over. Check what the cost incorporates. In some cases, an understudy may have additional items, for example, a clothes washer or a cooler. Check if your rent as of now incorporates utilization of these apparatuses. Similarly as with all business exchanges, one can never be excessively cautious. Working with a certified travel agent or housing rental agent is usually the best choice because they can offer detailed assistance and can fully explain the terms of the agreement.